SUNFLAIR® 2014 beach fashion:
swimwear fashion with the wow-effect!

Yet again the brand with the best sell-off. Body-sizes from 36 to 56 and cup-sizes from A to H. MAIN FEATURES: functionality, a dress collection, bags. NEW: hats

Bayreuth. SUNFLAIR® goes one better. It goes almost without saying, but again and again the tried and tested styles and SUNFLAIR®’s proverbial excellent fit in all body-sizes from 36 to 56 and cup-sizes from A to H are the most valuable features for the customer. And with that the almost perfect functionality of all items and the quality. The icing on the fashion cake is the current designs and last but not least, the wide range of cover-ups.

Confirmation that SUNFLAIR® is on the right path for the future is also provided by the business’s “Oscar”, “Stars of Underwear”. For the third time in succession, this competition has declared SUNFLAIR® the most widely-sold swimwear brand in the retail trade.

Cup and body-sizes, shapewear, dresses, hats, bags, cover-ups, SunSelect

The fit, the sensational body-sizes from 36 to 56 and cup-sizes from A to H and the wide variety of designs are naturally the classics amongst SUNFLAIR®’s qualities. But Shapewear is also a subject that has a long and successful tradition with SUNFLAIR® under the name “BEAUTYFORM”.

Last year’s independent dress collection “City & Beach” was a resounding success. It is only logical therefore that this collection is also re-introduced in the 2014 collection. This is in line with the current trend that is again emphasising more cover-ups. Particularly striking here is the variety of shapes. The highlight is certainly the pants in all-over print that matches certain lines. Most definitely a fashionable eye-catcher on the beach that will also sell well in the retail trade.

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