SUNFLAIR® 2015 beachwear fashion:
The winning slant!

Distinct, eccentric, unusual: The 2015 SUNFLAIR® swimwear fashion collection remains true to the brand’s philosophy but still lays down powerful markers for the future! For the fourth time, SUNFLAIR® is again the top company in terms of sales!

Bayreuth. We cannot help being just a little bit proud at Adolf Riedl GmbH & Co. KG: once again in 2014, SUNFLAIR® was the most frequently sold swimwear brand in the German retail trade. But more than that, this achievement is not just a cause for celebration but also an obligation. Quoting sales manager Ehrnsperger: “The award is for us a considerable inducement. Because obviously we wish to retain our position as the tried and trusted partner of a successful retail trade in the new season. The 2015 collection has everything we need to achieve this!“

And that is absolutely true. With its almost legendary breadth, the SUNFLAIR® collection offers every retailer just the selection he needs. Thus every store can put together its own specific “sub-collection”, perfectly attuned to its local clientele. As ever, SUNFLAIR® places the emphasis on fit, quality and comfort for the wearer. The designers in Bayreuth obviously remain committed to this policy in the 2015 collection. But they have succeeded in achieving something outstanding, not only with regard to how the range sells but also in setting new standards in fashion. These include current retro influences, fringes, daring prints but above all time and again asymmetrical styles. The latter applies both to the hems of dresses and skirts but also to creative and versatile strap solutions.

Tried-and-tested know-how in style and cup and body-sizes

It is not just the body-sizes from 36 to 56 and the range of cup-sizes from A to H that have won SUNFLAIR® so many convinced customers but above all the almost unbeatable fit in every size. And that won’t change in the 2015 collection. Moreover, this is one of the few cases where convention also has its place in the fashion world.

Innovations in materials and styles
There are however quite a few novelties to report in the materials used. And top of the list here is certainly the “Vita” quality that SUNFLAIR® is using for the first time. This is a product that uses 78 % recycled polyamide and a fibre share of 22 % Xtra Life LYCRA®. In addition to considerations of environmental sustainability, this fabric from the company Carvico wins favour above all due to its soft feel, extreme comfort when worn and its particularly high durability. SUNFLAIR® uses the brand name “GREENbay®“ to distinguish products made of this material (Black ´n´ Gold line).

A novelty amongst cover-ups is embroidered long shirts made of cotton that feel very pleasant to wear both on the beach and also when out walking or on a shopping spree. In addition, Sensitive quality is being used for the first time in the “City & Beach“ dress collection. Amongst menswear, a bio-elastic material, which is more comfortable to wear and less water-absorbent, has been introduced in manufacturing shorts.

As regards style, the most striking feature is their asymmetry. Dresses with slanting or even jagged hems, asymmetrical strap solutions on swimsuits and bikinis – sometimes with different left and right-hand straps but occasionally also with only one strap and one shoulder bare. Overall, the styles are frequently somewhat eccentric, for example with fringes, valences or even with little cut shirts.

Benefits for the retailer: mix-and-match, NOS and a lot more
In addition to the “normal” swimwear collection, there are also some highly important special features for the retail trade. The large mix-and-match range on the title page, made up of 20 items enabling the range to be put together and added to individually, is extremely important. The NOS programme, that also includes some mix-and-match items and has once more been extended, is also significant, especially in complementing the range. This ensures that the retailer is always able to present an attractive range of goods.

Moreover, the Shapewear “Beautyform” models and the mastectomy line are almost legendary. Equally indispensible are the models made up of 100% chlorine resistant PES for the active swimmer, the tummy-control line with the somewhat more discrete neckline design that enjoys considerable popularity with the older target group and the maternity models. Tankinis are a hit above all with the last-mentioned group.

Always fashionable: cover-ups and dresses
The so-called cover-ups are indispensible and stronger than ever. Skirts, shorts, tunics, blouses, jump-suits, long-shirts – there is no end to the variety. The “City & Beach” dress collection has also been such an immediate hit with the trade that it has been extended still further in the new season. For the customer, the dresses are the perfect addition to her summer and holiday wardrobe and for the retailer a powerful additional boost to sales.

It is the same story with hats and hatbands as well as with the collection of bags, which have been accepted immediately to great acclaim by both customers and the trade.

Men too like (swimwear) fashion
It is becoming more and more evident that the times of shapelessly styled and boringly designed men’s swimming trunks are finally over. Briefs, boy-shorts, shorts and Bermudas – all in highly varied styles, ranging from skin-tight and skimpy to extra-wide. Ever more men are tending towards bold designs, colours and creative forms. This trend is covered outstandingly in the extensive SUNMAN® collection.

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